European Fauna of Oedemeridae (Coleoptera)
Xavier Vázquez-Albalate

Argania Editio presents its first European Fauna, written by the same author of the Iberian Fauna of this family (1993).

This book deals with the 79 species of Oedemeridae recorded in Europe’s west of Pechora, Volga and Don rivers, including the european part of Turkey, Crete and the Dodecanese archipelago. Thus, the Caucasus is excluded.

It starts with a wide introduction, followed by a systematical chapter, including determination keys of all the taxa up to subspecies level, and many support drawings. All the descriptions of the taxa and general data on them are given, including its biology (icons of the habitat and the emergence period), the geographical distribution (maps), and a complete bibliography. The whole text is accompanied by drawings of any interesting morphological details.

Finally, a complete systematical catalogue with the type species and all the known synonymies is added. As usually, plentiful bibliography and large full-color plates of all the species are also included.

  • Size 17 × 24 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Paper silk quality
  • About 176 pages, with habitus color plates
  • ISBN: 84-931847-4-8
    Price: 80 Euro (VAT and postage not included)